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Baumwasser e.V. - active climate protection for your city's trees

A project from Baumwasser e.V.
in Köln, Germany

As Baumwasser e.V. we help the trees of our cities to protect them from the effects of climate change and to maintain the quality of life in our cities. Through regular watering with our emission-free irrigation vehicles.

Christoph Sinemus
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About this project

Baumwasser e.V. helps our urban trees through continuous irrigation. Because they are acutely threatened.

Already today, more than 52% of the world's population lives in cities. By 2050, the proportion will rise to 70%. The growth of cities and the consequences of climate change, such as soil compaction, increasing construction on green spaces, heat, drought, fungal and pest infestation, cramped planting pits, pollution.... have devastating consequences for our urban trees. Chestnut, elm, lime, ash, oak, maple or plane trees, which still characterise the image of our cities today, will disappear if we do not stop this development. 62% of cities state that they are no longer able to manage the necessary watering of trees due to a lack of resources. If we do not act, we will lose what trees give us: oxygen, shade, cooling through evaporation, purification of the air and green living and recreational space for people and animals.
That is why, with Baumwasser e.V., we ensure the continuous watering of city trees: with our own, fully electric irrigation vehicles. They are small and manoeuvrable, easy to steer and operate. And above all, they are completely emission-free and almost noiseless, so as to protect the urban climate and not disturb local residents. We take the necessary water from hydrants, fill up the tanks of the vehicles there and water the trees either directly or via a water tree bag, which allows the water to gradually seep into the soil. In this way we help our trees specifically on site. As an association, we welcome anyone who would like to become an association or sustaining member for tree water. Either by making a donation or by actively watering the trees. In everything we do, we are politically and ideologically neutral - we only take sides for the trees. 
We started in Cologne in spring 2021 and want to carry tree water to other cities in 2022. Hamburg and/or Düsseldorf are currently planned. Our goal is for Baumwasser e.V. to be involved in all German cities for the city trees in the next few years. During the winter months we use the time to inform the public (especially schools, kindergartens) about the situation of city trees. In spring to late summer, our members are actively on the road with our watering vehicles. 
We especially need donations for the purchase of all-electric irrigation vehicles and, where the cities do not (yet) give us the water free of charge, donations for our water outreach. In addition, we of course have other ongoing costs such as insurance, electricity consumption, maintenance of the irrigation vehicles and for communication in order to inform and recruit new, committed members. We appreciate your support. 

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