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Europe Cares e.V.

managed by Lennard Everwien

About us

We want to show that people across the continent stand in solidarity with people on-the-move. Together, we actively support displaced people at the European borders by providing humanitarian aid to hotspots in Greece, Bosnia & northern France. To create political pressure, we raise awareness for the crisis and want to shed light on the human rights violations that occur on a daily basis.

CONNECT - We want to connect the actors across Europe and strengthen our collective voice.
EMPOWER - We want to make it as simple as possible to put solidarity into action.
ACT - We want help displaced people in need of support.

Latest project news

We received a payout of €4,262.94

  Lennard Everwien  17 May 2023 at 05:51 PM
An established safe space for people detained on the island
After just over a year of operations Paréa Lesvos has grown into an established community center and sadly is now the last of it's kind capable of such broad offerings to people on the move on Lesvos. We cover basic needs such as food, hygiene or medical care and create future perspectives by introducing our visitos to handicrafts or improving their language skills.

Each donation goes towards our community center. From securing supplies for the center over maintainance of our facilities to offering courses, classes and activities - all this is supported by your contributions.

Per week currently 1700 visitors make use of our offerings at Paréa and we serve over 1100 meals per day.

Thank you for making this possible! Your help goes a long way.

Your Europe Cares Team
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