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Hildashaus e.v.

managed by Federica Cecalupo

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Through an integrated cross-sectoral approach, Hildashaus e.V. brings women and people who menstruate together to reach their economic empowerment by overcoming the physical, psychological and educational barriers that stand in their way.

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We received a payout of €1,725.73

  Federica Cecalupo  07 September 2022 at 06:00 PM

Dear Donor,
We are beyond grateful for your contribution to the second phase of our ‘Empowerment and Well Being program’ with a community of 30 women displaced by war and abuse.
The second phase took place during spring and summer.The attendees were meaningfully engaged in the activities and learned new tools. We learned important things as well that we will take with us to the next phase starting this fall. 
Because our sessions aim to provide a safe space where our attendees can freely express themselves, you surely understand the reason why we don’t have pictures this time.We are happy to share with you one of our Q&A sheets that we usually ask the attendees to complete before and after the sessions. 
By standing with women in vulnerable and marginalized positions you strongly commit to a more equal and democratic society. By standing with women displaced by war and abuse you help them to rebuild their lives. By standing for the importance of mental health you contribute to more comprehensive and effective help.
Female refugees' economic empowerment requires long-term, comprehensive and integrated responses that take into account the psychological, physical and educational challenges that they experience.hildashaus’ integrated cross-sectoral approach allows addressing the multi-faceted needs of the female refugees community, with three main programs: Menstrual & Menopause Health Awareness Program, Health & Well-being Program, hildashaus Academy.
Click here to learn more about us and how you could help.
In the meantime, thank you for making this possible.
With gratitude,hildashaus family

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