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Greening Africa Together/Alle Hand in Hand e.V. is united by the goal of encouraging and empowering African youth to combat climate change and create prospects in Africa together. Our approach is guided by the idea of universal brotherhood. We support active collaboration/service learning between students and local communities of different cultures. In the spirit of a united world, all our projects aim to create sustainable change for people and nature across cultural, religious and social boundaries.
Alle Hand in Hand e.V. was founded by coordinators and alumni of the GATo projects at TU Berlin and is an official partner NGO of the African Network Greening Africa Together. In addition, we support other non-profit projects in the intercultural exchange, for refugees, nature and climate protection, development cooperation, especially in cooperation with e.g. New Humanity ONG and International Forest.

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Wir haben 3.641,62 € Spendengelder erhalten

  Lilly S.  16 March 2022 at 04:34 PM

The objectives of the women's association have not changed; they want to get rid of the plastic waste in the streets by offering different recycled plastic products for its own use and also for sale in order to generate sources of income for its members. The funds obtained will be used to cover the needs expressed in the project description, namely to have a community work place with electricity, recycling equipment and a storage space for plastic. The women have already developed, with the support of the students, prototypes of products made from the processing of plastic waste such as pillows. It is also planned to organize workshops to sensitize the population to environmental protection and to make them discover plastic as a resource and how it can be recycled (exhibition of recycled products).List of acquisitions to come: Property Shredder Oven Motorcycle + cart Collection equipment Washing and drying station Safety equipment Additional equipment for bricks, pillows

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