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Musiker ohne Grenzen - Jamaika e.V.

managed by Max Diller

About us

The project in Trench Town, a district of Kingston, came about in 2013 on the initiative of Jamaican producer Michael Brown. With the support of his wife Dr. Tanja Söllner and his brother Kevin Brown and cousin O'shane Brown, they started the project.

The goal was to give people in the neighborhood access to music lessons and to establish a music school in Trench Town. After the Brown family made their house available as a place to live and teach, they invited the first German musicians in 2013 to Trench Town, who came to the project through Musiker ohne Grenzen e.V. .Since then, the project work has been continuously supported by volunteers. For a long time, the coordinative tasks were taken over by various family members, but in the meantime O'shane Brown has become a salaried project coordinator in the Trench Town Music Project.

Latest project news

Wir haben 166,71 € Spendengelder erhalten

  Max Diller  04 May 2022 at 04:27 PM

Die Spende wird eingesetzt um den nun geplanten Projektwiederbeginn zu ermöglichen. Nach der langen Pandemie-bedingten Projektpause müssen viele Instrumente gewartet oder repariert werden, Unterrichtsräume neu gestaltet und saniert werden und das Schüler*innen-Netzwerk wieder hergestellt werden. Die Spenden helfen dabei, die notwendige Struktur wieder aufzubauen.

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