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Music School Project in Trenchtown, Jamaica

Kingston, Jamaica

Music School Project in Trenchtown, Jamaica

Kingston, Jamaica

The Music School Project of 'Musiker ohne Grenzen' in Trenchtown - the social focal point of Jamaicas capital Kingston - have started in 2013 and is continually supported by volunteers. But equipment is needed. Make band work possible for Trenchtown!

Joza K. from Musiker ohne Grenzen - Jamaika e.V. | 
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About this project

When you hear the name Jamaica, you instantly think about beaches, the sea, palm trees, rastafarian and reggae music. The small Caribbean island is internationally known - what would the world be without Bob Marley !?

Trenchtown still is one of the biggest social focal points of the island - many of the local youths do not have perspectives and so they are often lead to criminal activities.
This poor ghetto is situated in the capital Kingston and many of the famous musicians and artists originating from Trenchtown. The great Bob Marley resided here and several different music genres like Mento, Reggae, Dancehall and Dub were created. Accordingly, the music scene is lively and seemed to flourish with the creativity of the young minds living in this highly musical environment. However, music lessons and instruments are hardly affordable and there are nearly no musical and cultural offers.

The project of “Musiker ohne Grenzen e.V.“ (Musicians Without Borders) have started in 2013. Since the start, the project has a great response and is continually supported by volunteers who work with the 40-60 students in at least a two-months- long stay and offer different music classes (e.g. Guitar, Saxophone, Piano, Drums and Percussion, Trumpet, Violin).

The teaching mainly happens in the premises of the “Trench Town Culture Yard“ a compound which holds the Bob Marley Museum and at the same time the cultural meeting point of the area. The Yard sounds: Whirring melodies, sounds and Reggae songs are flowing through the air, which makes you feel and hear the joy of the borderless power of the universal language; Music.

Up to date, a couple of successful concerts and jam sessions have been organized, and although most of the pupils are beginners, there are some intermediates who are there from the outset and are now teaching the students themselves (Besides a band was founded and a choir came to life).

The instruments for this project are mostly funded by donations mainly from Germany but, the equipments are very meager and not sufficient to meet the demands at this point in time!
We are determined to make Trenchtown sound and groove even better than it has been grooving before. But in order for us to accomplish this goal, we would need to get the required instruments and equipments needed. This means we are highly dependent on your help!

One of the biggest aims is to strengthen the band work with the project “Back-a-Wall“ for which we need the necessary equipments (amplifiers, loudspeaker, cables, instruments etc.).

In every Musiker ohne Grenzen Project, our focus and aim is to strengthen and create music bands with well rounded Musicians that will impact on the music industry and will also adds to the sustainability of the culture of creating great music in Trenchtown.

We therefore ask you for your help to make the band work possible inTrenchtown!
Updated at 18. September 2020

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