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Music School Project in Trenchtown, Jamaica

A project from Musiker ohne Grenzen - Jamaika e.V.
in Kingston, Jamaica

The Music School Project of 'Musiker ohne Grenzen' in Trenchtown - the social focal point of Jamaicas capital Kingston - have started in 2013 and is continually supported by volunteers. But equipment is needed. Make band work possible for Trenchtown!

Max Diller
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The project in Trench Town, a district of Kingston, was founded in 2013 on the initiative of Jamaican producer Michael Brown, his wife Dr. Tanja Söllner and his brother Kevin Brown and cousin O'shane Brown. The goal was to give people in the neighborhood access to music lessons and to establish a music school in Trench Town. After the Brown family made their house available as a place to live and teach, they invited the first German musicians* to Trench Town in 2013, who came to the project through Musiker ohne Grenzen e.V.. Since then, the project work has been continuously supported by musicians. For a long time, the coordinative tasks were taken over by various family members, but in the meantime O'shane Brown has become the employed project coordinator in the Trench Town Music Project.

Trench Town has a diverse music scene that is known around the world and continues to produce successful musicians and generate musical momentum. At the same time, Trench Town is considered a disadvantaged neighborhood (Jamaicans use the term "inner city community") where many people have poor job prospects and little access to cultural or recreational opportunities. In addition, initial access to music lessons and instruments is often limited or expensive.
The core of the project's work is therefore individual instrumental lessons: mainly children and young people, but also adults, come to learn guitar, piano and drums, saxophone, trumpet or recorder. In addition, some students use the instruments provided by the project to practice and jam together. Some of the students who have been part of the project since the beginning are now involved in the music school and also give independent lessons. The level ranges from many beginners to advanced students. Every year, several concerts and jam sessions are organized as events that provide a stage for the students and motivate everyone. 

Like every "Musiker ohne Grenzen"- Project, "Musiker ohne Grenzen -Jamaika eV". pursues the overall project goal of creating perspectives through access to music. The project wants to make free music lessons possible for all interested people in Trenchtown, independent of their life reality. 

You too can help make this vision a reality and donate now on Betterplace or directly to Musicians Without Borders ( and feel free to forward this campaign to family and friends.

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