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managed by Martin Vogelsang

About us

Social Synergy Deutschland e.V. ist eine gemeinnützige Organisation, die in enger Kooperation mit der indischen Social Synergy Foundation (Sitz in Mumbai) Sozialunternehmen und NGOs dabei unterstützt, deren Projektarbeit zu optimieren und ihre Organisationsstrukturen zu stärken. Zu diesem Zweck investieren wir philanthropisches Kapital (Spenden, Grants) sowie Kredite und wir leisten intensive Beratung vor Ort.

Aus langjähriger Erfahrung sind wir davon überzeugt, dass langfristige Engagements mit unseren Projektpartnern vor Ort letztendlich einen nachhaltigeren Effekt für deren Arbeit haben. In einer Zeit wo es immer mehr um den finanziellen Return von Impact Investments geht, steht für uns der soziale bzw. der ökologische Mehrwert, den unsere Projektpartner erzeugen, im Vordergrund.

Latest project news

Planting of the Green Shield has started

  Martin Vogelsang  25 August 2019 at 11:35 AM

It was estimated that we would need about 1,64,000 Pilu & UntMorad  plants to cover a total area of 81.54 ha. @ 2,000 plants per ha. Considering the mortality a nursery of 2,02,000 plants was prepared in the first week of April. 

Since the water availability was an important consideration, nurseries were established at three different locations.  The task of preparing the nursery was assigned to – Sahyog Krishi Vikas Producers Pvt. Ltd.. Sahyog is a Producers Company incubated by VIKAS, with the support from NABARD under Produce Programme. The producers company has 250 Small and marginal farmers as members and provide services to its members in agriculture and animal husbandry activities.    

The survival and growth of the plants has been satisfactory and is being transported in batches for plantation. The nursery sites were visited by Mr. R. D. Khamboj, Director and Mr. I. K. Barad, Dy. Director of GEER Foundation along with other team members. Their guidance has been very useful.  

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