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About us

HORIZONT e.V. – Help for homeless children and their mothers for nearly 20 years.

Mothers and their children often live in terrible circumstances and become homeless all of a sudden due to serious strokes of fate they have to face. Such inhumane situations leave serious traces and often make it impossible for boys and girls to find an adequate place in our society.

In 1997 German actress Jutta Speidel founded the non-profit association HORIZONT for homeless children and their mothers. In 2004 the HORIZONT-House in the North of Munich could be inaugurated, providing a temporary home for them since then.

High security standards provide the best possible protection and shelter for children and adults. This is the place where they can calm down and learn how to take responsibility for themselves and their lives.

Unfortunately the children and their mothers haven’t experienced enough respect, love or care in their lives. The professional team of social workers is trying hard to strengthen their self-respect and to support them to find new aims in their life.

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Wir haben 3.029,63 € Spendengelder erhalten

  Nicole W.  04 March 2020 at 05:12 PM

Liebe Spenderinnen, liebe Spender,

in den vergangenen Wochen habt Ihr uns wieder kräftig unterstützt und gemeinsam möglich gemacht, dass wir folgende Projekte umsetzen können:

einen Anti-Mobbing-Kurs für 14 Kinder in unserem Bildungsbereich zudem auch 20 Nachhilfestunden für fünf Kinder, die individuelle Förderung benötigen, um in der Schule echte Chancen zu haben. Und dank Eurer Spenden können wir im HORIZONT-Schutzhaus neue Schuhregale zur Verfügung stellen, die in 20 Wohnungen dringend nötig sind.

Klasse, dass Ihr so großartige Hilfe geleistet habt. Herzlichen Dank von unseren Kindern, Mamas und dem ganzen HORIZONT-Team.

Liebe Grüße an Euch
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