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Support homeless children and their mothers!

München, Germany

Horizont e.V. is a charitable association caring for homeless children and their mothers in Munich. On their way back into society they are guided and assisted through an inter-disciplinary working team.

Nicole W. from HORIZONT e.V. | 
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About this project

Horizont e.V. is an initiative caring for homeless children and their mothers in Munich. The name symbolizes our mission to offer new courage and perspectives in the lifes of the people affected.

The association was established in 1997 as officialy charitable association in Munich and founded by the actress Jutta Speidel.

Horizont e.V. provides shelter for a certain period of time to affected mothers and their children and supports them on their way back into society. This requires very sensitive guidance and care to help them to release fears, to strenghten their self-confidence and ability in order to pursue a profession.
For only a mother who owns hope and the courage to face life, can pass on the will to live and strenght to her children.
Updated at 01. February 2021

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