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Girls Gearing Up (GGU) is Europe's first and only Leadership Academy for girls. We equip girls at a young age with the confidence, tools, network and inspiration to unleash their potential. Support us and invest in the next generation of female leaders!

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Thanks to you, Girls Gearing Up is growing!

  Courtney A.  26 November 2021 at 04:27 PM

Dear Friends of Girls Gearing Up,
As the year draws to a close, it is our pleasure to share our Girls Gearing Up annual report with you.
In it, you’ll read about how 2021 was a big year for Girls Gearing up: in the middle of the ongoing global pandemic, we continued to support our expanding network of girls online all year, and we launched two new hubs in India and Malawi. We learned that the Girls Gearing Up model is scalable, and that with the right partners on the ground, we can reach more girls all over the world with the skills, networks, and confidence they need to create positive change in their communities.

We are excited about the progress we've made and we're looking forward to what's next. Because the one thing that has become increasingly clear since we launched in 2015 is that it is time for the voices of the next generation of female leaders to be heard.

We are so grateful to all of our sponsors, whose support makes this important work possible. In the name of our growing volunteer team and GGU participants around the world, we thank you for supporting the next generation of globally-minded female leaders.

With gratitude and very best wishes,

Chi, Courtney, and Tina 

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