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Girls Gearing Up: Invest in the next generation of female leaders!

A project from Girls Gearing Up e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

Girls Gearing Up is Europe's only Leadership Academy for teen girls. We develop the next generation of globally-minded female leaders by equipping them with the skills, confidence, networks & inspiration needed to make a positive impact in the world.

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About this project

Sachi was 13 when she joined Girls Gearing Up. She was shy and afraid to voice her opinions. Two years later, she was confidently moderating discussions with professionals, had a global support network, was a leader at school, and had landed a high-profile internship. She credits GGU with creating a safe space to build the confidence she needed to make impactful changes in her life. 

Tiya from Malawi, a participant in 2019, believes that the like-minded girls she has met have allowed her to look at the world differently. She has become passionate about climate change and has planted 200 trees with her community. She credits GGU with a different outlook on equality, seeing how women in Malawi still face a lot of challenges. She coaches a girls’ netball team, hoping that the team spirit, camaraderie and physical exercise help in building resilience. 

We want to empower more girls like Sachi and Tiya to bring out the potential that lies in the next generation. GGU is Europe’s only international leadership program for teen girls. We aim to equip girls from around the world with the confidence, tools, and network to unleash their potential.  
We have directly supported 140 diverse girls from over 30 countries. Since being part of the GGU community:
  • 80% of participants have taken on leadership roles in their communities
  • After one week at GGU, 94% of participants say “I have the skills to be a good leader” (up from 67%) 
Studies show that ... 
  • By the age of 6, girls feel less confident than boys
  • 70% of girls feel they're not good enough at age 13
  • A lack of female role models keep girls from entering traditionally male-dominated fields
We’re ready to change that! By 2030, Girls Gearing Up aims to empower 10,000 teen girls from every country in the world. We want to build out our online curriculum, making resources accessible for more girls globally, establish hubs in more locations, and scale our mentoring program. In order to get there, we will work together closely with schools and community organizations in more places. 

You can help! This is your opportunity to invest in next generation leaders around the world. As a non-profit organisation (e.V.) we rely on people like you to support our mission. All our funding is made up of corporate donations, support from foundations and the money we receive from generous individuals like yourself. All donations are tax deductible in Germany.  

Whether you can donate 5 Euro or 1,000 - we are set up to do a lot with a little. From participation in our Leadership Academy or mentoring program to technology for girls to connect to online resources: every donation makes a difference. For each 100 € we show our gratitude with a GGU bag that is a perfect sign of commitment to future female leaders (please note that we can’t do this with anonymous donations). 

By supporting GGU you’re investing in the future of female leaders. Thank you!