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Jugendring Oberlausitz e.V.

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The Jugendring Oberlausitz e.V. is a voluntary, politically independent association of providers of free youth welfare in the district of Görlitz, which work for the benefit of the development of children, young people and their families. He represents the interests and needs of its members vis-à-vis the municipal bodies. He stimulates the democratic responsibility of young people, especially for local politics, promotes them and actively participates in public life through suitable measures. He analyzes and communicates development trends and derives, develops and discusses work perspectives and projects from them. He stands for innovative, needs-oriented and trend-setting child and youth work in the district of Görlitz (Saxony). The focus of the work of the Jugendring Oberlausitz e.V. is the cooperation with the member associations and voluntary structures. In addition, the Jugendring Oberlausitz e.V. is active in many different areas of child and youth welfare.

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Wir haben 731,25 € Spendengelder erhalten

  Jugendring Oberlausitz e.V.  10 March 2021 at 08:45 AM

Der neue Makerspace in Niesky nimmt weiter Formen an. Die wichtigsten Baumaßnahmen sind erfolgt und wir hoffen, demnächst auch mit der richtigen Arbeit in den Räumen beginnen zu können. Die Spendengelder werden nun zur anteiligen Begleichung der bisher angefallenen Rechnungen genutzt.

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