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Makerspace Niesky needs support

A project from Jugendring Oberlausitz e.V.
in Niesky, Germany

We, the Jugendring Oberlausitz e.V., URGENTLY need to renovate our project space fundamentally so that from autumn on children and young people can try out themselfes technically and creatively in the new "Makerspace Niesky".

Jugendring Oberlausitz e.V.
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About this project

The Jugendring Oberlausitz e.V. is delighted that our new project "Makerspace Niesky" (funded by "Aktion Mensch") was launched in January. In the next 4 years we want to create a space for children and young people from the region where they can try out different areas, e.g. 3D printing, programming robots, sewing, woodworking or with an own project in our open workshop. Many offers are possible and should of course also be created together with the kids. With this project we would like to contribute to making our region colorful, stimulating and interesting.
Before we can realize this vision of doing, experimenting and learning together, we need suitable spaces. That's where you come in! We need money for a fundamental renovation of our project space. The old floor had broken through in places and had to be removed. This now requires a complete renewal. And it doesn't stop there to make the space usable and appealing for the project: renewing the ceiling, moving in some walls, relocating the electrical and lighting systems, installing doors, painting the walls, etc. All interested DIY enthusiasts know that their own muscle strength can save money, but unfortunately not enough - building materials are expensive.
The "Aktion Mensch" already supports us with the purchase of the technical and creative materials, the equipment of the project room, so to speak. The renovation is on our table - we expect costs of around 10,000 €.
Hence our request: Donate FOR the Jugendring Oberlausitz e.V. and FOR the children and young people in our region! So that we can enable ALL young people, regardless of their origin or social position, to develop skills in technology, craft and creativity.
We would be delighted if you would like to support and accompany us on this exciting journey!
Of course, donors can also support us with their know-how, e.g. pass on your knowledge as a guide, donate materials or come to our open workshop yourself and work on an idea together with other “makers”.
Do you have any questions, suggestions or just want to know how we are going to continue? Then take a look here: