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CRPS Selbsthilfe Köln (vorm. CRPS NRW Köln e.V.)

managed by Stefan

About us

In our self-help group, those affected and their relatives can exchange views on this very painful disease and share positive and negative experiences with doctors and therapists. We want to encourage others in the community not to give up hope and to take new courage in the fight against this extremely stressful disease. We want to strengthen the sense of community and to be able to forget the burden and the pain when being together. Millions of people worldwide are certainly affected by this terrible disease and the number of children affected is alarming. The exact number of people suffering from CRPS is unfortunately not known, but it is known that the number of unreported cases is far higher, as the disease is only recognized very late in many cases, or sometimes not at all. The fatal thing is that the consequences of non-treatment or incorrect treatment can lead to the loss of mobility of the affected limbs. Patients often go through a real marathon, wandering from doctor to doctor.

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Wir haben 29,75 € Spendengelder erhalten

  Stefan  04 September 2019 at 05:48 PM

Die Budapestkriterien werden öffentlicher gemacht und in Praxen und Kliniken ausgehangen und Ärzte über die diagnosemöglichkeiten informiert

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