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AMANDLA EduFootball e.V.

managed by F. Zech

About us

AMANDLA EduFootball is an international Non-Profit Organisation based in South Africa and Germany. The organisation’s mission is to create safe spaces that bring together the power of football and learning to empower youth and change lives. AMANDLA is endorsed by the United Nations Office on Sport for Development and Peace.

The organisation has won numerous international awards such as the Beyond Sport Award for its evidence-based youth development programmes.
Based on the impact of its initial project in Cape Town’s largest township, Khayelitsha AMANDLA has initiated a global Safe-Hub campaign. A Safe-Hub is a large Youth Football, Education and Community Development Centre that is placed at centre of urban hotspots of youth violence and unemployment.

By 2022, the Safe-Hub campaign strives:
• To identify 10 hotspots of violence, inequality, unemployment and poverty and establish Safe-Hub infrastructures, consisting of a top-class artificial turf field and an indoor youth development centre at the centre of such areas;
• To provide 20,000 vulnerable children and youth globally with daily access to 10 Safe-Hubs of holistic learning and development through a football-based after-school programme, with a thematic focus on health, safety, education, and employability;
• To provide a range of services, opportunities and support for 20,000 vulnerable children and youth globally, based on a transversal youth development approach.

The programmes strive to contribute to five major goals for its target beneficiaries:
• Increased access to sport & recreation activities
• Decreased levels of violence & crime and drug abuse within the communities and direct catchment area of Safe-Hubs
• Increased access to primary health care & information
• Improved academic results at primary & secondary school levels
• Increased employment and tertiary enrolment rates
And, two major The project strives to achieve the following long-term outcomes:
• Communities of healthy responsible young citizens; and
• Safe community environments for young people.

Latest project news

Wir haben 78,00 € Spendengelder erhalten

  F. Zech  19 October 2022 at 12:44 PM

Die Spenden werden verwendet um Lehrbücher für die Auszubildenden in Südafrika zu beschaffen. Herzlichen Dank eure Unterstützung!

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