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A project from AMANDLA EduFootball e.V.
in Salt River, South Africa

AMANDLA uses the power of football combined with holistic education to empower youth and to change lives. As a catalyst our Safe-Hubs serve as educational, youth friendly centres in communities characterised by poverty, unemployment and inequality.

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A Safe-Hub is a place of physical and emotional safety. It’s an alternative environment – a space where young people’s rights are recognized, their responsibilities are encouraged, and their potential is realised.

A platform for transversal youth development, a Safe-Hub is a central place for local NGOs, government and service providers to offer holistic support to young people, their families and community.

We built the AMANDLA Safe-Hub Model to be scalable. In the next 5 years, we plan to expand AMANDLA to provide 10 Safe-Hubs globally. And we’ve already begun. In partnership with the Oliver Kahn Foundation, AMANDLA will open its third Safe-Hub in Diepsloot, Johannesburg, South Africa in 2015. Our 2020 goal: to provide 20,000 at-risk young people daily access to Safe-Hubs in 10 urban hotspots characterised by poverty, crime and violence.

Each Safe-Hub will have a top-grade artificial turf field and a multi-functional youth development centre. Community development will be promoted through the Safe-Hub, which will be a centre for NGO, government and service providers to offer support to youth and their families. Local coaches
and youth leaders trained by AMANDLA will provide holistic development programmes that combine the power of education and football to catalyze social change and help young people realise their potential.

Currently AMANDLA runs three Safe-Hubs in South Africa (Cape Town & Johannesburg) reaching out to 6,000 girls and boys on a weekly basis. The fourth Safe-Hub will be established in Berlin, Germany as an inclusive platform for integration, education and social change.

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