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Netzwerk Gewaltfreie Kommunikation Darmstadt

managed by J. Born

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Die „Gewaltfreie Kommunikation und Mediation in Kenia“ ist ein Projekt des D-A-CH Vereins deutsch sprechender Gruppen für Gewaltfreie Kommunikation, GFK e.V.
 Dabei stehen Konfliktlösung und Prävention im Mittelpunkt, die von geschulten Mediatoren angeleitet werden. Träger des Projekts sind aktuell das Netzwerk Gewaltfreie Kommunikation Darmstadt-Südhessen e. V. und lokale Gruppen und Organisationen z.B. Peace Ambassadors Kenya, PAK und Amanasie in verschiedenen Orten in Kenia.öhnung/

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We received a payout of €39.00

  J. Born  10 July 2019 at 05:13 PM
The NVC approach to a solutionA central problem that many conflicts in Kenya share is the deficiency of respect and appreciation the different ethnic groups have towards each other. This means that other ethnic groups  may be considered worthless or even bad. There seldom is adequate jurisdiction or law-enforcement when land or cattle is taken away. The former owners may be driven away or even killed. The NVC approach aims at mutual respect and appreciation. In seminars the participants learn techniques to moderate the risk of escalation between the  ethnic goups.Important is the encounter of representatives of different ethnics giving them the opportunity to really get to know each other. Together with the neutral mediators ”of Non-violent communication and mediation in Kenya” former conflicts are worked on with NVC- methods.  
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