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Deutsche Assoziation des Malteserordens

managed by Theresa P.

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Die deutsche Assoziation des Malteserorden existiert seit 1991 und hat heute 550 Mitglieder. Sie ist Initiator verschiedener religiöser Werke in Deutschland, zum Beispiel des Malteser Hilfsdienst und seiner Tochtergesellschaften. Der Malteserorden ist vor allem für seinen Dienst im Bereich des Katastrophenschutzes (Erste Hilfe und andere medizinische Ausbildung, Entwicklungshilfe, etc.) bekannt. Die katholische Hilfsorganisation ist bundesweit an mehr als 700 Standorten in seinen beiden Formen der Organisation als eingetragener Verein (eV) und gemeinnützige GmbH ( gGmbH ) vertreten. In den Leitungsgremien der beiden Institutionen befinden sich Mitglieder als Freiwillige und in Vollzeit angestellt.

Latest project news

We received a payout of €5,019.30

  A. Soden  16 October 2019 at 05:36 PM

Dear friends,

On Friday September 8th, we celebrated the journey of Diane, Alexandra, Mivida, Philippa and Teresa in Chabrouh, Lebanon. They told us their stories as they cycled across Europe.

Alexandra Lichaa

From being chased by dogs, dealing with absent roads, extreme weather and encounters with the incredible people who helped them along the way, they shared a small insight into what it's like to take on this adventure. What was most impressive was the friendship they have with each other and the fact that despite these trials and tribulations they are closer than ever.

The Lebanon on Wheels team

Teresa La Rosee

As Mivida explained, the work of the 'in-house' teacher has already begun thanks to the donations we have received. The psycho-motrician, is already bringing real change to the life of one of our friends. Moussa, a young man with cerebral palsy, is now able to grasp his index finger and thumb which means he could now operate an electric wheelchair. This would give him the ability to move independently. In addition, thanks to the work he has undertaken with the psycho-motrician, he can now move his arm in front of himself in self-defence. This is really important and is exactly the sort of empowerment that we aim to help our friends achieve.

Philippa Solf

Diane Moussa

Mivida Bou Assi

Cake !

All of your donations really make a huge difference to our friends. It is thanks to you that this project can reach that little bit further and boys such as Moussa can have their lives radically improved. Thank you for giving us the motivation to cycle and the motivation to continue this project which is now in its fourth year. We will be in touch soon with pictures, videos and more information about how the classes are going.


Auguste Breteau
Lebanon on Wheels Project leader -  

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Theresa P.

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