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Bridging Gaps e.V.

managed by Friederike H. (Communication)

About us

Bridging Gaps e.V. is a non-profit organization, which is operating in Germany and South Africa.


Our vision is to overcome inequalities that currently exist in our society by improving access to education and uniting young people in South Africa.


Our first goal is to support future leaders that are willing to take responsibility for the society as a whole. We achieve that goal by offering special trainings so that they can improve their social and leadership skills and mentoring to guide them on their individual path. We also encourage them to help with the projects of our organization and give them the opportunity to take responsibility for other teenagers.

Our second goal is to offer access to good education institutions, especially tertiary education, for young people that are limited in their possibilities due to a lack of resources. Besides offering financial support, we also guide these young people on their way to achieve a successful education, find employment and grow as individuals to contribute to the society in a positive way.

Our third goal is to make a contribution to lower prejudices between different social groups and reduce racism on a societal level. We want to achieve that by offering camps or trainings to give people from different backgrounds in the society a chance to interact and learn from each other.

Latest project news

Latest news

Ich habe 944,77 € Spendengelder erhalten

  Florian P.  20 March 2018 at 04:16 PM
Wir bedanken uns ganz herzlich bei allen Spenderinnen und Spendern.

Ihre Spenden wurden wie folgt verwendet:

4. Zwischenphase (294,77 €): Wir haben die Spenden für Zwischenwochenenden in Deutschland und Südafrika genutzt, auf denen die Jugendlichen die Begegnungsphase in Südafrika nachbereiten und die in Deutschland vorbereiten konnten.

5. Begegnung in Deutschland (650 €): Im Zeitraum vom 24. März bis 08. April werden unsere südafrikanischen Teilnehmenden nach Konstanz kommen und wir werden zwei spannende Programmwochen am Bodensee verbringen. Wir haben ein vielseitiges Programm vorbereitet, in dem die Teilnehmenden Konstanz und die Umgebung kennenlernen, mehr über Rassismus und globale Ungerechtigkeit erfahren und die letzten Bausteine ihres Trainings als MultiplikatorInnen ablegen werden.
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