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Sea-Eye e. V.

managed by G. Isler

About us

The association Sea-Eye e. V. operates the ship ALAN KURDI, which conducts surveillance and rescue missions in the central Mediterranean. Since migrants are exposed to heavy human rights abuses in Libya due to the civil war there, people routinely attempt to flee Libya across the Mediterranean. Out of desperation they embark on non-seaworthy boats on which they stand no chance of reaching a safe place. Many boats sink before rescue arrives and the desperate people drown without anyone noticing.

Sea-Eye took up the tasks of documenting these events, saving people from distress at sea, and bringing the rescued to a safe port in accordance with international law. The people on the move regularly tell of violence, arbitrary detentions, torture and murder in Libya. As long as Libya has not found peace, people will attempt fleeing this country. Until then, Sea-Eye will be there to document human rights abuse and rescue people from drowning.

Latest project news

133 Menschen warten auf ein verantwortungsvolles Europa

  A. Pasligh  21 September 2020 at 05:54 PM

Innerhalb von 12 Stunden rettete die Crew von Kapitän Joachim Ebeling am Samstag (19.09.20) 133 Menschen aus drei verschiedenen Booten. Unter den Geretteten befinden sich 62 Kinder. Nun liegt unser Rettungsschiff ALAN KURDI vor Lampedusa und wartet auf einen sicheren Hafen. Italien weist jegliche Hilfeanfrage mit dem Hinweis zurück, dass sie nicht zuständig seien.

Während alle darauf warten, dass Europa seine Verantwortung wahrnimmt, hat Kai unser Menschenrechtsbeobachter mit den geretteten Menschen über ihre Fluchtgründe gesprochen:

„There is war in my country. Sunna are being persecuted. I had to flee because they wanted to kill me.“
— 29 Jahre alter Mann aus dem Jemen —

„The government removed me from my home. Some milices catched me in Libya and I had to pay so that they don’t kill me. I had to flee to survive.“
— 28 Jahre alter Mann aus Ägypten —

„The war in Libya destroyed my house and left my family and me without nothing. I spent all I had for a surgery which my son needed but he still needs urgent help which I cannot get in Libya. I never imagined to leave my country like this but there was no other way to protect my family.“
— 45 Jahre alter Mann aus Libyen —

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