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Sea Rescue on the Mediterranean Sea with our ship SEA-EYE 4

A project from Sea-Eye e. V.
in Regensburg, Germany

We have sent our rescue ships into the Mediterranean, the ALAN KURDI and the SEA-EYE 4 next year, in order to help people in distress at sea. But we need donations. Will you help us?

G. Isler
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About this project

We are acting, because no one should drown at our external borders! We operate on site to prevent people from drowning and to inform the public.

The Mediterranean Sea is the deadliest escape route. That´s why we bought another ship, to be able to rescue even more people in distress at sea. Together with United4Rescue, many volunteers and our donors, we sent the SEA-EYE 4 on its first mission in May 2021. But after the mission is before the mission and with your support, we will continue to be on site.

Pitch in now so that we can send the ALAN KURDI and the SEA-EYE 4 into action!

We need you, because everyone has the right to life and to be rescued from distress at sea. Help us with your donation!

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About the organization:

We protect the human right to life.

We get involved, inform and show solidarity.

We are here because human rights do not end at the European external borders.

We act where we are needed: we search for people in distress at sea, pull them out of the water, take care of them and take them to a safe place.

This is why Sea-Eye e. V. exists. Over the last five years, our association partook in the rescue of 15.597* lives.

*last updated  June 01, 2021