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Who wants to be like Magpies inspiring Sun-Woman?
Long, long ago in the Dreamtime the earth was dark. There was no light. It was very cold and very black. Huge grey clouds kept the light and the warmth out and were so low that the animals had to crawl around. The Emu hobbled neck bent almost to the ground; the Kangaroo couldn't hop, and none of the birds could fly higher than several feet in the air. Only the Snakes were happy because they lived close to the ground.
The animals lived by crawling around the damp dark earth, feeling for fruits and berries. Often it was so hard to find food that several days would pass between meals. The Wombat became so tired of people bumping into him that he dug himself a burrow, and learned to sleep for long periods.
Eventually, the birds decided they'd had enough. They called a meeting of all the animals. The Magpies decided that they would raise the sky by gathering sticks and pushing the sky up. All the animals agreed it was a good idea, and they set about gathering sticks. The Magpies took a big stick each, and began to push at the sky.
The Emus, the Kangaroos and the Wombats watched as the Magpies pushed the sky slowly upwards. They used the sticks as levers, first resting the sky on low boulders, then on small hills. As the animals watched, the Magpies, pushing and straining, reached the top of a small mountain.
It was still very dark, but at least the Emu could straighten up, and the Kangaroo was able to move in long proud hops. The Magpies kept pushing the sky higher and higher, until they reached the highest mountain in the whole land. Then with a mighty heave, they gave the sky one last push! The sky shot up into the air, and as it rose it split open and a huge flood of warmth and light poured through on to the land below. The whole sky was filled with beautiful reds and yellows. It was the first sunrise.
Overjoyed with the beauty, the light and the warmth, the Magpies burst into song. As their loud warbling carried across the land, the Sun-Woman rose slowly, and began her journey towards the west. Now, each morning when the Sun-Woman wakes in the east she lights a fire to prepare the torch that she will carry across the sky each day. It is this fire that provides the first light of dawn. Then she takes up her torch, and begins her daily journey across the sky. When she reaches the western edge of the world, she extinguishes her flaming bark torch. Then she sits down, and repaints herself in brilliant reds and yellows, ready for her journey through a long underground passage back to her camp in the east. So that is why, to this day, every morning when the Sun-Woman wakes and lights her early morning fire, all the magpies greet her with their beautiful song. The First Sunrise. An Aboriginal Story from Australia. THX. Who wants to be like Magpies inspiring Sun-Woman?
I am Engr. Muhammad Ayyub, Secretary of "Good of Mankind-Switzerland" (GMS) purely a nonprofit association registered with HRA Bern Switzerland. GMS do focus on Helping People in Need and Quality Education. Being an Activist based in Bern focusing on Pakistan and other less privileged countries, I have been involved in social work for years now. My profile on social media websites under my name and also the association GMS is accessible.
On Monday 26.10.2015 at 2:09 pm, a powerful earthquake of 7.7 magnitude has struck major cities of Pakistan, leaving at least 360 people dead and injuring over 2,000 people. Also 14,000 houses got completely destroyed. Many areas of Pakistan, in particular Gilgit Baltistan is highly affected. The death toll could climb in coming days because communications are down in much of the remote mountainous region of GB. Aftershocks and epidemics are expected to continue in the affected areas.
Gilgit Baltistan area that is affected the most is Ghizer, Diamer, Ghanche, Skardu, Gilgit itself apart from Hunza, Astore and Kharmang. This fundraising is for the victims of earthquake that has worse hit these areas and provision of Quality Education in Pakistan. GMS with its project named #EarthquakePakistan2015GilgitBaltistanGMS will be working with renowned organization #BSDI (Baluchistan Sustainable Development Initiative) having worked with UN programmes and other International Organisations for many decades in such disasters. GMS and other local organisations and volunteers Cooperation will give a little relief to the Needy People. This project is a platform for collaboration of organizations as well as individuals with their area of expertise.
Our team is already working there and we plan on moving very quickly on the relief work. It is of utmost importance to provide minimum Shelter to avoid huge Migration in the area before the commencement of severe winters and heavy snowfall. The aspect of "Quality Education" of this association could never be forgotten in any circumstances.
Muhammad Ayyub #GMS with its project #EarthquakePakistanGilgitBaltistan2015GMS
In Collaboration with: Nazir Pandrani (#BSDI)
Non-profit association registered with HRA Bern, Switzerland. Goals: Helping Needy, Quality Education....

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  M. Ayyub  02 August 2016 at 12:52 PM




June, 2016

By: Good of Mankind, Switzerland (GMS) 

&  BSDI, Balochistan  


Project Title : Distribution of Food & Non-Food Items (FIs & NFIs) Residents of Gilgit-Baltistan

June, 2016

Number of Beneficiaries: 24 Households of Earthquake Affectees Details about beneficiaries are  with GMS now.

Area: District Ghazar, Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan

Project Cost : PKR 200,000 (Approx)

Financial support by Good OF Mankind, Switzerland (GMS)

IP: BSDI, Balochistan & GMS

Project Manager: Nazir Ahmed Pandrani , CEO, BSDI, Balochistan.


   District Ghazar and its surrounding areas witnessed a devastated earthquake in September 2015 which left a large number of people as vulnerable due to harsh weather. Quake has destroyed basic infrastructure. Local community loss their house belongings along with precious lives. 

           Earthquake of 7.2 intensity  jolted major cities of Gilgit Baltistan, including the adjoining northern areas, leaving nearly 300 dead and around 3,000 injured due to building collapses, landslides, stampedes and other quake-related incidents. Pakistan is located in the Indus-Tsangpo Suture Zone, which is roughly 200 km north of the Himalaya Front and is defined by an exposed ophiolite chain along its southern margin. This region has the highest rates of seismicity and largest earthquakes in the Himalaya region, caused mainly by movement on thrust faults.


          Balochistan Sustainable Development Initiative (BSDI), Balochistan with the help of its fellow organization Good of Mankind Switzerland (GMS) distributed Food Items (FIs) & Non-Food Items (NFIs) among the quake affectees for their rehabilitation. 24 households were benefited to avail food and non food items for their survival. The composition of food & non-food items packages (in sufficient quantity) are as under:-

S#, Composition of FIs & NFIs, Remarks

1.   NFIs: Winter Blanket / Quilts & Mattress, Furnace Oil Stoves , Tents for Winter, Water Cooler

2.  FIs: Rice, Pulses, Wheat Flour , Rooh Afza (Syrup), Ghee , Matches , Salt , Toilet & Washing Soaps , Red Chilli & Dates

          A proper assessment has been carried out to identify the right beneficiaries for distribution of food and non-food items. It was small scale project which collectively decided to meet the initial and immediate need of households in Ghazar only, at later stage this kind of project be duplicated in other surrounding areas after proper fundraising by the both organizations.

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