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The Shaul and Hilde Robinsohn Foundation was established in 1995 through the bequest of its founder, Dr. Hilde Robinsohn.
The purpose of the independent and non-profit foundation is to continue the
work of Prof. Dr. Shaul B. Robinsohn by promoting research and development at the International Academy INA CCW in the field of curriculum research and development, the training of teachers and educators, and comparative education; moreover, the foundation exists in order to maintain Robinsohn's archive and library and to disseminate his publications.
The Robinsohn Library is accessible to researchers and students alike and is part of the library of the Free University Berlin.
The Robinsohn foundation is collecting and managing donations for "The School for Life, Chiang Mai".

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  Gerd Harms  16 September 2021 at 03:12 PM

Spenden Sie für den Corona-Nothilfefonds - Informationen unter

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