School for Life Chiang Mai

An aid project by “Shaul B. und Hilde Robinsohn Stiftung” (Anna Simone W.) in Doi Saket, Thailand

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Anna Simone W. (Project Manager)

Anna Simone W.
The School for Life provides a home and education for 140 children in difficult circumstances. At the moment the monthly expenses are not covered and there is no reliable financial footing.
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The School for Life was founded by Prof. Dr. Juergen Zimmer and Khun Thaneen “Joy” Worrawittayakun in 2003. It provides a home and education for children in difficult circumstances. 140 such children have found a new home here by May 2006 and many more would like to come from around Thailand.
Our goal is to support:

• AIDS orphans without relatives or with relatives below the poverty line;
• Tsunami orphans and survivors;
• Orphans whose parents died, e.g. as victims in the “drug-war”;
• Children without access to their parents, e.g. parents sentenced to life imprisonment;
• Children who were forced into child-labour;
• Children from mountain tribes without access to formal education.

The School for Life creates jobs for local people, providing employment in farming, civil works or child care activities. Following the community development approach, adults are included in project work which target local key issues such as recycling or organic farming.

In order to secure the wellbeing of the children we depend on the support of companies and individuals. At the moment the monthly expenses are not covered and there is no reliable financial footing. We seek partners that not only help us cover the current monthly expenses but also join us in securing the open costs over a longer period of time. Only if we can achieve a stable support from sponsors can we open our doors for more children. Currently there are many more children that would like to join our school, not only to receive an education but to find a home as well.

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Location: Doi Saket, Thailand

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