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Über den Tellerrand e.V.

managed by Esther B.

About us

Über den Tellerrand e.V. achieves long-lasting integration of newcomers through building intercultural communities. Sharing common interests is the easiest way to get to know new people. By creating encounter projects, we design possibilities to create a common future between locals and refugees.

In our daily work we empower people with and without refugee background to create projects for cross-cultural exchange and face-to-face encounters among people with different cultural backgrounds. In this way we encourage an open and tolerant society.

Our volunteers in Berlin offer all kinds of projects: a football team, a basketball team, a teen cooking class, a women’s cooking class, a language meeting, a drawing class, an urban gardening project, different community cooking events as well as different day-trips or workshops for old and new Berliners to meet and get to know each other.

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Wir haben 1.250,98 € Spendengelder erhalten

  Esther B.  27 July 2022 at 02:30 PM

Wie verwenden die gesammelten Spenden für unsere Vereinsarbeit, die Begegnungen von Menschen mit und ohne Fluchterfahrung schafft. Wir danken allen Spender*innen von Herzen - you #maketheworldabetterplate! 

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