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Forêt Internationale

managed by R. Seidler

About us

The association "International Forest" (fr: "Forêt Internationale"), founded by students and lecturers of the university of Dakar, Cheikh Anta Diop, the with 70000 students largest and oldest University in West- Africa, invites and challenges us, individually as well as collectively, to take responsibility to fight climate change, which increasingly endangers our planet.

The "International Forest" enables you to take concrete steps to reduce our conscious or unconscious contribution in environmental degradation and effectively fight against climate change.

The officially recognized non- profit association that aims to spread environmental consciousness through achievable activities to make our world a more livable place.

Our Mission:

* reforestation

* measures to promote both renewable energy and energy efficiency

* recycling

* increase environmental awareness through education and dialog

As part of our latest project the "Peaceforest" (in August 2014), various activities were carried out in two border villages: Kouram (Senegal) and Bulock (Gambia) which were affected by the raging civil war in the Casamance. Our, the associations as well as the inhabitants’, goals in these two villages are:

* replanting their forests,

* increasing the environmental consciousness in Kouram and in neighboring villages

* installing small solar units, solar lighting and other renewable energy projects in Kouram.

* organizing international environmental camps

You can take part in this project by sponsoring a tree or a part of a solar roof, carrying an individual or collective title, in your personal name or as a present in another person’s name. Thus the sponsorship system can contribute to make the reforestation project more durable and strengthen environmental education of local people and participants of the environmental camps: Sponsored trees will be planted and maintained as part of the shares of the "Peaceforest".

1st Option: Plant a tree:

The sponsored trees have been or will be planted and maintained in Kouram, as part of the project "Peaceforest".

Price of sponsorship: 2500 CFA - 4€ - 5$ / Tree

2nd Option : renewable energies:

Price of sponsorship: Starting from 5000 CFA - 10€ - 12$ for a part of a solar system or a solar lamp and charger

Sponsors receive a certificate of sponsorship in recognition of their commitment to the environment.

Latest project news

Spendengelder, die nicht mehr für das Projekt ausgegeben werden können

  (Deleted User)  24 February 2017 at 11:11 AM

Liebe Spender,
dieses Projekt wurde gemäß Ziffer 8.1. unserer AGB für nicht steuerbegünstigte Organisationen und Projekte abgebrochen.

Die noch nicht beantragten Spendengelder, die nicht mehr an die Spender zurück überwiesen werden konnten, fallen an, die diese für die Verfolgung ihrer satzungsgemäßen Zwecke einsetzt. Hier gibt es mehr Informationen dazu.

Bei Fragen könnt Ihr uns gern kontaktieren:

Beste Grüße

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