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Salaam-Schalom Initiative

managed by A. Langer

About us

Salaam-Schalom is an intercultural activist initiative, which was established in December 2013 by Neuköllners – and since then was joined by many people throughout Berlin. It stands for a peaceful co-existence and solidarity in Neukölln, Berlin and beyond, and promotes these aims by implementing various interventions and projects which raise awareness to social and institutional exclusions in mainstream German society.

Salaam-Schalom was co-founded by a group of Neuköllners, Muslim, Jewish and other, as a response to public statements made by a rabbi marking Neukölln as a ‘no-go area’ for Jews due to the high rate of Muslim population in the area. Countering racialization and stigmatization that perpetuate distrust and tension along racial lines, Salaam-Schalom strives to promote Neukölln and indeed Berlin as a no-go area for racism and ethnic hatred.

Salaam-Schalom is an independent initiative and is not affiliated with any political party.



A. Langer

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