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borderline-europe Menschenrechte ohne Grenzen e.V.

managed by Harald G.

About us

Founded in 2007, borderline-europe offers civil resistance against the European border and migration policy.

With our work, we are advocating for the right to freedom of movement for everyone. We refuse to silently accept the EU’s deadly and racist migration and border policy. Everyone has the right to live with dignity – this is not negotiable. This right includes the free choice of residence and access to political and social rights – everywhere!

We stand for the right to come, to stay and to go!

We provide the public with information on the EU’s increasingly complex migration policies and their impacts in order to develop an active, political, and critical awareness within society. By means of civil disobedience, we counter racist structures and the deadly consequences of the EU’s policy of isolation. We take a stand for solidarity and against the indifference of politics and society.

borderline-europe is an association based in Berlin, Palermo and Mytilini. We are mostly volunteer-based with some project-specific financial support. Our different experiences and expertise enrich our work, which thrives on the initiative, exchange, and participation of all of us. Some of the diverse work we do:

• We conduct research and produce critical, comprehensive, and reliable documentation on the situation and events in the border regions;
• We work in transnational networks, bring together various actors, and support civil-society and activist cooperation;
• We engage in direct humanitarian interventions;
• We organise and support local and transnational protests, events, and
• We provide analysis for current developments in EU migration policy on our website and through social media.

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  borderline-europe  09 June 2021 at 02:36 PM

Aufgrund von nicht bewilligten Anträgen und den nicht ausreichend eingegangenen Spenden konnte dieses geplante Projekt nicht durchgeführt werden. Die vorhandenen Spenden werden für die weitere Zusammenarbeit mit unserer lokalen Partnerorganisation eingesetzt. 

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