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Freundeskreis Peru Amazonico e.V.

managed by Mario B.

About us

The charitable association „Friends of Peru Amazonico“ stands up for developing an ecological agriculture in the Amazon area of Peru. We support the locals in establishing an eco-friendly economic system which pays regard to protecting the rain forest. Rural people’s economic situation is meant to be improved. Also no more primeval forest should be cleared. Sustainable management thus can contribute to protecting nature and environment. Another part of it is to help with establishing cooperative organizations with the intention to save the small farmers from being dependent on intermediate traders. Furthermore we render humanitarian aid, that means provide medicine against tropical diseases, especially against leishmaniasis. Another permanent activity is supporting young rural population’s professional training.

The association has been established by people who had been busy as development aid workers at an early age and wanted to carry on this commitment all their lives. The very start was a private birthday party in 1989. As a result of it they strengthened their closeness to each other and to the people in Peru. Some have married in Peru, there are several bi-national marriages. Over the years more and more people have joined the association as they have considered the aims as important. Besides that there is an increasing number of sponsors.

From personal bonds projects arose each time growing bigger year by year. Our motto is “Encourage mankind – protect nature”. The principle is to help people to help themselves. We do not invent project aims in Germany in order to push them on the Peruvian partners. At last the Peruvians themselves know best what they need. Rather we debate options what could be done. From continent to continent we have been working as partners. Such cooperation has proved its worth since 1989.

Latest project news

Spendensammlung für Küchenherde beendet

  Mario B.  14 June 2019 at 06:16 AM

Leider sind keine weiteren Interessenten mehr dazugekommen. So haben wir auch keine neuen Spenden mehr für die Aktion erhalten.

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