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Komitee für Grundrechte und Demokratie e.V.

managed by Tessa Pariyar

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Since 1994, the project Vacation From War - Dialgoues across Borders  demonstrates in an exemplary manner how young people in war and crisis zones are curious to meet the alleged enemies face-to-face. Inspite of prejudice and hate, they do not trust the prevailing respective propaganda anymore and undertake the challenge of getting to know the "enemy" personally. The dialogues are not bound to any preconditions, other than the willingness and openess to talk to each other.
At the center of the seminars is the process and the common confrontation with existing or past conflicts. This means getting to know the "others" as people with their truth and reality. It is a project for young people with different educational backgrounds or social status and is not aimed at members of existing organizations or potential decision-makers. It is a grassroots initiative and wants to support civil society and its initiatives.
Our goal is to to realize a a peaceful coexistence in justice.


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