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Peace Camp for Youth in the Former Yugoslavia

A project from Komitee für Grundrechte und Demokratie e.V., FvK
in Basko Polje, Croatia

Every year we organize dialogue encounters for Youngsters in the former Yugoslavia, in which young people overcome prejudice and hatred, discuss the violent past and together develop perspectives for a peaceful future.

Tessa Pariyar
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About this project

Every summer, around 120 youngster between the ages of 14 and 17 from five cities in Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina meet by the sea, mostly on the Croatian Adriatic. For many it is the first opportunity to meet the “others”: after the ethnic displacement during the wars and the manifestation of ethnic division, encounters in the everyday life of young people hardly happen or are characterized by prejudice and hatred. 
In workshops, the young people discuss the complexities and different narratives of the war, the current political situation in their countries and jointly develop perspectives for peaceful future. They reflect own prejudices and stereotypes about the "others" and meet like-minded people who, like them, want to counter hate and nationalism in their societies.

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