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Komitee für Grundrechte und Demokratie e.V., FvK

managed by Tessa Pariyar

About us

“Vacation From War – Dialogue across Borders” facilitates dialogues between young people from conflict zones and strives to establish an exemplary peace practice. Dialogues are not bound to any preconditions, other than the openness to talk and listen to each other. The seminars focus on the collective discussion of past and present conflicts. This means to get to know the Others as humans with their truth and reality. Encounters are addressed to young people with diverse educational and social backgrounds. As a grassroots initiative, we aim to support civil society initiatives. We share the goals of improving local political reality and contributing to peace. This requires awareness of asymmetrical power structures and mechanisms of discrimination. We encourage participants to position themselves towards their political reality and critically question also their own societies.
We realize local encounters for young people from the former Yugoslavia (Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia) as well as two-week dialogue seminars for young Israelis and Palestinians in Germany.


Aquinostraße 7-11

Tessa Pariyar

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