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Tor zur Hoffnung e.V.

managed by S. Heins

About us

We support the volunteers in the field, locally, directly, personally and unbureaucratic.

The public charity “Tor zur Hoffnung/Gateway to Hope” exclusively supports social projects in South America run on a voluntary basis. Projects run by locals and volunteers on the ground, who don't always just live close to the depravity, but often live in the middle of the deprived areas themselves!

Our predominant goal is to offer kids (children) and young adults new prospects and an enable them to live a decent life.

The initiators of the public charity “Tor zur Hoffnung e.V.” are the Brazilian Keila Heins and her husband Stefan Heins, who lived together in Brazil for many years. They know, from their own experience, that provided it lands in the right hands, the smallest amount of assistance from Germany can offer a child a chance of a better life outside of crime and drugs.

Naturally, such a public charity cannot change the living conditions and personal circumstances of the kids overnight. It does however, demonstrate clearly to them that there are people in this world who are not immune to their destiny. For many of them it is even more fascinating that these people, prepared to help them in their lives, live many thousands of kilometres away in a foreign country and, to them, a totally foreign world.

One of the true advantages of globalisation is the recognizable increase in philanthropy and a readiness to help across national borders.

Our goal is “Help for Self-Help”, to build local competencies. We therefore try through regular events and activities to maximize and focus the attention of the politicians, the public and the media on the helping hands on the ground, on the local volunteers and their work. This is demonstrated by our commitment to our initial project – the Dito Escolinha's BEACH SOCCER SCHOOL in Fortaleza.

There are many good local aid projects already running. They simply need to be given more attention and support.

This is why we have become involved with Dito Escolinha's Beach Soccer School in Fortaleza. The former international beach soccer player, “Dito”, is an exemplary volunteer and initiator on the ground, who we believe deserves plenty of support. The project is an excellent example of how a great idea can offer true future prospects. As he himself says, “Every hour of beach soccer is an hour out of criminal trouble.”

Many kids have already been able to break the vicious circle of hopelessness, drugs and violence thanks to his help. The idea works! Kids who, for the first time, are able to experience things like team spirit and begin to feel a sense of belonging to a happy and playful community are then able to respect their environment and even regularly attend school. Dito, who is by profession a teacher and other volunteers privately tutor the poorest children and accompany them on their educational path. What's more, many family relations of the kids have suddenly become enthusiastic fans and players and develop, as a result, a newfound feeling of solidarity.

Social values and rules can be positively conveyed through Beach Soccer and the sport offers a fantastic opportunity for social integration.

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Wir haben 175,50 € Spendengelder erhalten

  S. Heins  14 September 2023 at 08:19 AM

Die Situation in Fortaleza ist wirtschaftlich noch immer anspruchsvoll für die Menschen, aber unser Projekt ist ein wichtiger Anker für die Menschen. Aktuell kommen wir vor allem auch mit Aktivitäten für Mädchen voran, was gut ist, denn hier wird jede Unterstützung gebraucht - auch für die Bildung von Selbstbewusstsein, um besser durch den Alltag navigieren zu können. Weiterhin ist jede Spende willkommen und kommt uneingeschränkt bei den Hilfsbedürftigen an. 

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