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brotZeit e.V.

managed by M. Sedlmayr

About us

brotZeit e.V. provides a daily breakfast offer to children in need at primary and special schools as well as help with homework, learning, activities and sport to approximately 175 schools in 8 regions.
According to United Nations up to 30% of six to ten-year-old primary school students in Germany suffer from acute hunger during lessons.
They come to school without breakfast and without a prepared lunch. Different reasons for this lack of lunch supplies are due to: single parents, shift service, financial problems, and also parental neglect. For whatever reason it may be the children are suffering from this issue.
Hungry students find it difficult to concentrate and are often aggressive. This is followed by problematic social behaviour and reduction in school performance.
Our association is not only trying to satisfy the hunger of these children but also want to create the preconditions to solve these social problems that are already having such significant affect on us.

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Wir haben 34.352,78 € Spendengelder erhalten

  M. Sedlmayr  08 January 2020 at 05:39 PM

Täglich vor Unterrichtsbeginn bietet unser Verein das brotZeit-Frühstück für rund 10.700 Kinder an: Ein kostenloses und ausgewogenes Buffet mit Milch, Obst, Brot, Wurst, Käse, Marmelade - organisiert und zubereitet von "Aktiven Senioren". Kinder unterschiedlichen Alters, unterschiedlicher Herkunft und unterschiedlicher sozialer Hintergründe kommunizieren in deutscher Sprache miteinander und gehen, nach dem Frühstück, motiviert in den Unterricht. Die Senioren erhalten für ihre ehrenamtliche Arbeit eine Aufwandsentschädigung im Rahmen der Übungsleiterpauschale. Auch Geschirr, Besteck und Co müssen angeschafft werden damit die Schulen das Frühstück ausrichten können. 

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