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Tierschutz Russland e.V.

managed by S. Korths

About us

Help me please, I want to live!

We, Tierschutz Russland e.V., are looking for people to help us and for sponsors to support us in helping animals in Russia to have a better life.

What do we do?
The situation for animals in Russia is more than pitiful. Tens of thousands of animals lead a deplorable life under miserable conditions on the streets, an existence which simply cries out for our help.

There is no real background in this country for the idea of animal protection. Often the measures taken are archaic, such as setting a bounty. In particular disabled stray dogs are the poorest of the poor, their daily life always a fight for survival, suffering physical and psychological pressure and maltreatment.

What do we want to achieve?
Our aim is to enable a better life for stray animals in Russia and to support the animal rights activists there with advice and help. We do not want to bring as many animals as possible to Germany. Instead we want to improve the situation for animal protection in Russia, and to initiate different ways of thinking also on a political level. In order to achieve this we need your financial support as we are not able to do this alone.
It will be a long way before we can bring about the changes we want for the life of these animals and especially before we can instill insight to a different way of thinking of many people there. Until then, numerous stray animals will be left to their pitiful fate. We don’t want to simply accept this and so we are trying to provide a life with love and comfort for at least a few of them by bringing them to a good home. At present this is just not possible in Russia.
We cannot simply ignore this terrible situation and in our view, the animal welfare groups in Russia should not be left to try to bring about changes by themselves. Are we supposed to wait until this happens? Should we leave these poor creatures to their fate and misery? No, we can’t do this!
We are therefore supporting the animal welfare organizations and animal homes in Russia with food, castration and other medical treatment and in general for an improvement of living conditions for stray animals and possibly finding new homes for them. All persons involved give their time on a voluntary basis and are financed predominantly by private means.
Please help us. Animal welfare is also human welfare and contributes positively to the future.

The “Tierschutz Russland e.V.” with its office in Augsburg and our animal welfarists in Russia thank you most sincerely for your sympathy and your donations.

Latest project news

Ste Story of Boss

  А. Койгерова-Назаренко  01 July 2024 at 07:41 AM

Dear friends! 

I haven't written for a long time again. I was very depressed after the death of my dear Rotti. When beloved animals die, you die with them, so to speak. And when they don't die naturally in old age, but so tragically, it's all the more difficult. 

June was also a very difficult month. My car broke down three times and I had to repair it. I had to look for other cars to bring food for all the animals every day... It was hard, I'm kind of down emotionally and also health wise.

But yesterday I got a little emotional relief and today I want to tell you the story of another Rottweiler, Boss.

This beautiful and strong dog came to me about a year ago. His life was not so easy. He was beaten by his owner when he was just a puppy. I have heard a few stories like this where men (sometimes women) take dogs from strong and "dangerous" breeds and then beat and torture them in various ways. They probably feel strong themselves when they inflict suffering on strong animals. It was the same with Boss. When children were born in the family, the owner thought that there was not enough space in the apartment and gave the Rottweiler to his friend. There was more space here and Boss could also run around the yard, which he loved to do. And as far as I know, he was no longer beaten in his new family. But that didn't mean he didn't suffer. His new owner drank and humiliated the dog. One day the dog couldn't take it any more and bit him. The man ended up in hospital. He said that he would then shoot the dog. But his wife took pity on him and called me. She told me the story and asked me to take the dog very quickly. 
That's how Boss came to us. He is not a bad dog and not a biter. He is kind to other dogs and always lets the weaker and smaller ones eat first. Boss also loves to sit on my foot and for me to scratch his cheeks. But sometimes he growls for no reason. It's probably the result of his previous life.

The wives of his  ex-owners called me and I told them about Boss and also sent them photos. And then the man came out of hospital and wanted the dog back. He told his wife that he would tie him to the fence and kick him to death. I got very scared. Of course I would never give the dog back under such conditions. But the man could attack the Tiehrheim. Yes, of course, I have a contract with the police, but it could still be dangerous. I said that I had placed him in another town.
I hoped that the man would calm down that way. But I was still afraid. For almost 10 months I lived with this fear that this man would come to take Boss away and take revenge on him. And yesterday I just felt like surfing a Russian social meida. Just like that. There was nothing special there. But suddenly I saw the news that the man had died! At the age of 30. So Boss is no longer in danger. I'm not bloodthirsty and I don't wish death or suffering on anyone. But it's a relief to know that Boss is no longer under threat. 

And Boss lives on, likes to run around and fight with old tires. All Rottweilers like to do that.

Apart from Boss, I have over 130 dogs and almost 30 cats who want to eat every day, who need to be vaccinated and sometimes need veterinary help. So we will be very grateful for any help. 

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