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Tierschutz Russland e.V.

managed by S. Korths (Communication)

About us

Help me please, I want to live!

We, Tierschutz Russland e.V., are looking for people to help us and for sponsors to support us in helping animals in Russia to have a better life.

What do we do?
The situation for animals in Russia is more than pitiful. Tens of thousands of animals lead a deplorable life under miserable conditions on the streets, an existence which simply cries out for our help.

There is no real background in this country for the idea of animal protection. Often the measures taken are archaic, such as setting a bounty. In particular disabled stray dogs are the poorest of the poor, their daily life always a fight for survival, suffering physical and psychological pressure and maltreatment.

What do we want to achieve?
Our aim is to enable a better life for stray animals in Russia and to support the animal rights activists there with advice and help. We do not want to bring as many animals as possible to Germany. Instead we want to improve the situation for animal protection in Russia, and to initiate different ways of thinking also on a political level. In order to achieve this we need your financial support as we are not able to do this alone.
It will be a long way before we can bring about the changes we want for the life of these animals and especially before we can instill insight to a different way of thinking of many people there. Until then, numerous stray animals will be left to their pitiful fate. We don’t want to simply accept this and so we are trying to provide a life with love and comfort for at least a few of them by bringing them to a good home. At present this is just not possible in Russia.
We cannot simply ignore this terrible situation and in our view, the animal welfare groups in Russia should not be left to try to bring about changes by themselves. Are we supposed to wait until this happens? Should we leave these poor creatures to their fate and misery? No, we can’t do this!
We are therefore supporting the animal welfare organizations and animal homes in Russia with food, castration and other medical treatment and in general for an improvement of living conditions for stray animals and possibly finding new homes for them. All persons involved give their time on a voluntary basis and are financed predominantly by private means.
Please help us. Animal welfare is also human welfare and contributes positively to the future.

The “Tierschutz Russland e.V.” with its office in Augsburg and our animal welfarists in Russia thank you most sincerely for your sympathy and your donations.

Latest project news

Latest news

Lori and babies, castrations, new saved street dogs...cats

  G. Isajev  15 May 2018 at 05:35 PM

Hallo Ihr Lieben,

entschuldigt bitte das die Berichte nicht immer zeitnah und öfters sind. Es fehlt mir einfach an Zeit bei dieser Anzahl von Tieren welche meine Hilfe benötigen und jeder Zeit versorgt werden wollen.
Meine Tochter hat mir sehr viel mit den Anzeigen geholfen und wir konnten Lori und ALLE BABIES , auch Marko&Bruno vermitteln. Sagenhaft !!!
Seit November letzten Jahres waren es insgesamt 26 Hunde die ihr Zuhause gefunden haben.

Nun haben wir weitere 6 Hunde aufgenommen, eine davon die kleine Roxy wurde vor drei Tagen adoptiert. Lori wartet auf Ihre Ausreise. Hunt für den keine Anfrage kommt werde ich behalten. Meinen gelähmten Nishlija und Lea die schon sehr lange bei mir sind und ständige Behandlung braucht werden auf Dauer bei mir bleiben. Für die kranke Katze die noch länger medizinische Behandlung benötigt, habe ich eine Pflegestelle gefunden, da sie nicht ständig bei mir in der Box sitzen kann.

Gerne könnt ihr meine besuchen um aktuelle Neuigkeiten zu erfahren, da ich es einfach nicht immer schaffe alles noch hier einzustellen.

In meinem letzten Bericht habe ich über die Kastrationen berichtet, leider haben wir hier so gut wie keine Spenden erhalten, obwohl es eines der wichtigsten Aktionen überhaupt ist um die Population zu reduzieren und zusätzliches Leiden zu vermeiden.

Wir brauchen dringend Hilfe, bitte spendet damit wir helfen können.
Es kommt auch auf dich an Leid zu verhindern.
 Herzlichen Dank Eure Galja

Dear all,
I am so sorry that I was not able to inform you regularly with the news but so many of them asked from me every second of my life and I have just dedicated all to them now.

My daughter posted them in announces for adoption and we were successful and we were able to find homes for Lori & all Babies, Marko&Bruno. Incredible !!!
From November last year 26 abonded dogs were adopted....

Now we have another new six -sorry five dogs, Roxy was adopted tree days ago, Lori is waiting to travel to her home. For Hunt nobody asked for I will keep her. Also Lea and Nishlija with all their needs like sick dogs are at me too since long time, of course. For the sick cat I found a foster place, because she still needs medical care for a longer therm and cant stay allways in the small box.

Until I post more infos and photos here , please visit my FB page:
My last report about the castration was not very succesfull with help and donations, even its so important to stop the reproduktion and therefore more suffer and harm.
I really need your help and cant cover all by myself so depending of your help, depend how many of them we can safe together....thank you in advance... Galja



Hunt & Lea


Neuzugang vor der Klinik gefunden und krank

Im Wald gefunden

Wir brauchen dringend Hilfe, bitte spendet damit wir helfen können.
Es kommt auch auf dich an Leid zu verhindern. 
 Herzlichen Dank Eure Galja

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