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Tierschutz Russland e.V.

managed by S. Korths (Communication)

About us

Help me please, I want to live!

We, Tierschutz Russland e.V., are looking for people to help us and for sponsors to support us in helping animals in Russia to have a better life.

What do we do?
The situation for animals in Russia is more than pitiful. Tens of thousands of animals lead a deplorable life under miserable conditions on the streets, an existence which simply cries out for our help.

There is no real background in this country for the idea of animal protection. Often the measures taken are archaic, such as setting a bounty. In particular disabled stray dogs are the poorest of the poor, their daily life always a fight for survival, suffering physical and psychological pressure and maltreatment.

What do we want to achieve?
Our aim is to enable a better life for stray animals in Russia and to support the animal rights activists there with advice and help. We do not want to bring as many animals as possible to Germany. Instead we want to improve the situation for animal protection in Russia, and to initiate different ways of thinking also on a political level. In order to achieve this we need your financial support as we are not able to do this alone.
It will be a long way before we can bring about the changes we want for the life of these animals and especially before we can instill insight to a different way of thinking of many people there. Until then, numerous stray animals will be left to their pitiful fate. We don’t want to simply accept this and so we are trying to provide a life with love and comfort for at least a few of them by bringing them to a good home. At present this is just not possible in Russia.
We cannot simply ignore this terrible situation and in our view, the animal welfare groups in Russia should not be left to try to bring about changes by themselves. Are we supposed to wait until this happens? Should we leave these poor creatures to their fate and misery? No, we can’t do this!
We are therefore supporting the animal welfare organizations and animal homes in Russia with food, castration and other medical treatment and in general for an improvement of living conditions for stray animals and possibly finding new homes for them. All persons involved give their time on a voluntary basis and are financed predominantly by private means.
Please help us. Animal welfare is also human welfare and contributes positively to the future.

The “Tierschutz Russland e.V.” with its office in Augsburg and our animal welfarists in Russia thank you most sincerely for your sympathy and your donations.

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Latest news


  S. Korths  09 December 2018 at 03:54 PM

Weihnachten steht vor der Türe und wir wissen nicht mehr weiter. Aktuell sind unsere Adventsgeschenke Welpen mit Parvo, ausserdem viele Hunde und Katzen im Hinterhof die sich rasant vermehren und darum kämpfen den Winter zu überleben.  Sie müssten alle behandelt, kastriert, geimpft und von der Strasse geholt werden. Wir sind nicht mehr in der Lage ihnen überhaupt mit dem wichtigsten Dingen zu helfen da wir das nicht alleine finanzieren können, noch haben wir Plätze  und können sie nur wieder auf die Strasse lassen. 
Die Situation in Serbien wird nicht besser sonder schlimmer ! Die wenigen Tierschützer sind im Krieg mit ihren Landsleuten, welche kein Mitgefühl für die Tiere haben und denjenigen die weiterhin Geld mit dem Elend der Tiere machen wollten und alles daran setzten das dies so bleibt. Tierschützer werden einfach denunziert, angeschuldigt und angezeigt ihre Schützlinge zu Tierversuchen oder Organhandel in andere Länder zu bringen anstatt in gute Familien zur Adoption zu vermitteln. Ohne Chancen das sie gesetzlich gegen diese Korruption vorgehen können. Wer die Möglichkeit hat verlässt sein Land um diesem Elend zu entkommen.
Wie können wir dabei zusehen wie sie auf der Strasse verhungern, erfrieren oder an Krankheit sterben ? Wie fühlen sich die Tierschützer dabei, dies alles vor Ihrer Haustüre zu haben, an all diese armen Seelen die im Stich gelassen werden wie Müll, vorbei zu gehen und in Augen zu schauen die um Hilfe flehen ?

Ohne Deine Hilfe und Spenden ist es nicht möglich einen vollen Bauch und einen warmen Platz mit medizinischer Versorgung zu haben und die Chance auf ein neues Leben in einer liebevollen Familie ? 
In diesem Sinne wünschen wir dir ein besinnliches und nachdenkliches Weihnachtsfest und hoffen das du auch an uns denkst.

Christmax is very close and we dont know how to continue.
At the moment our presents are puppies with parvo, beside that there are too many dogs and cats on the streets reproducing themselves too fast and just fighting to survive the winter. They all should be castrated vaccinated and adopted to get off the streets. But we are not even able to help few of them with the most necessary things because we can’t finance this all by ourselves, nor have places to put them but back on the streets. 
The situation in Serbia is not getting better but worse ! The few animals activist are in war with there compratiots wich have no empathy for the animals and whom who wants to continue to make money with the misery of the strays. Animal activist are being denounced, accused and charged for selling animals for organtrade or experiment in other countries instead for adoption in loving families. Without a chance of fighting legally against all that corruption. Best would be to leave the country and it’s misery.
How could we watch them suffer and die of hunger cold and disease ? How does it feel for the animal activist to have this all infront of there doors, passing all this poor souls who are left alone like trash on the streets looking up into passing eyes asking for help. 

Without you’re help and donations it’s not possible to  have a full stomach, warm place, medical treatment and a chance to get off the streets in a loving family.
In that respect we wish you a merry christmas an hope you will think about us.

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