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Jolly Children's Centre

managed by Jolly Children's c.

About us

Jolly Children’s Centre was initially born in the mind of the community of Wakiso district in the villages of Namayumba sub county, they were led by Nagawa Victoria who in 2005 upon seeing many parentless children whose parents died of HIV/AIDS suffer, she established an orphanage called Jolly Children’s Community which accommodated 34 children, as there were similar cases of child suffering and abuse, he mobilized the community, which resolved to begin building an organization dedicated to helping Ugandan orphan Children, in an effort to expand their services not only limited to child sponsorship, they registered an organization to help tackle the problems of poverty and HIV/AIDS, it was then named Jolly Children’s Centre, Jolly Children’s Centre was registered with the Community Based Organizations, registration number WCBO/602/11

Jolly Children’s Centre (JCC) – carries out activities to ensure good life to these children on but some are insufficiently done due to poor funding. These include the following:-
1.Providing essential logistics to these children like clothes, food, blankets, mosquito nets, utensils, mattresses, etc.
2.Providing scholastic materials like books, pens, pencil, paper
3.Medical examination by our collaborating doctors
4.Visiting the children in their respective schools
5.Providing games equipment to these children like balls, Jersey, nets, etc.
6.Feeding children on a good balanced diet, 3 meals a day per child.

Jolly Children’s centre is a Community Based Organization (CBO) operating in Namayumba Sub County central, Wakiso district in Uganda. Founded to improve the lives of orphans and vulnerable children in Namayumba Sub County. The organization has been operating in rural areas with rural poor families and disadvantaged children such as orphans and vulnerable children, infected and affected by HIV/AIDS and poverty . We are providing orphans and vulnerable children with free education, scholastic materials, beddings, clothes and school feeding.

To offer quality services to the vulnerable and disadvantaged children of Namayumba sub county

Mission statement
Support and build the capacity of orphans and vulnerable children to live a quality life and make themselves self reliant through providing them basic needs and practical skills.
Our Goal is to cater for the children’s welfare and serve as an instrument of their development, integration and empowerment.

OBJECTIVES of Jolly Children’s centre.
Provide formal and informal primary education to OVCS.
Increase easy access to learning materials
Build the capacity of HIV/AIDS orphans to live a quality life and make themselves self reliant
To advocate for the rights of the marginalized and vulnerable children
Ensure Health services to children living with HIV/AIDS
Increase HIV/AIDS awareness among the marginalized and disadvantaged Children.
Protect the children against abuse and neglect.



Jolly Children's c.

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