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morethanshelters e.V.

managed by Daniel K. (Communication)

About us

morethanshelters aims to combine knowledge and expertise in the fields of architecture, design and engineering, with the experience of aid institutions, NGOs and other partners, to provide the best possible care for refugees and informal settlements through adequate housing.

Our current pilot project is a housing solution for refugees in the developing world. Every year nearly 40 million people need to flee their home countries. These people often have to live in tents and shelters for years if not their whole life. We care for the people and their right to humane and secure living. We want to give those people a home and a save place where they can start to organize their lifes again. This is why we have four principles we believe in and which guide our social business: Humane Living, Local Participation, Modular Architecture und Sustainable Design.

We are a young and dynamic team of professionals in the field of design, architecture, art, political science and economics. Morethanshelters combines design and architecture with the aim of producing sustainable products that can help make a difference. As a social business start-up we reinvest all the profits in our sustainable and innovative projects that range from usefull products for the development aid to research for sustainable housing solutions.

We want to make it possible to develop safe and humane housing solutions that are ecologically and socially sustainable. Alongside the tangible innovating and development of housing elements, strategies will be conceived for participation strategies, empowerment and support of the transformation process. Local knowledge, culture and resources will be integrated into these development structures. One of the main goals of morethanshelters is to provide people in emergency situations with tangible and versatile solutions that they can use to help themselves.

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Latest news

Ich habe 1.623,00 € Spendengelder erhalten

  Daniel K.  20 June 2017 at 04:22 PM

Die Spendengelder werden für unsere Vereinsarbeit, unsere Aktivitäten und Projekte entlang der Fluchtroute eingesetzt. Unter anderem in geflüchteten Camps in Griechenland, für die Betreuung und Nachbetreuung unserer Projekte und Arbeit vor Ort.

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