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Beendet Purchase of Desks for Kasengejje Primary School

Kampala, Uganda

Beendet Purchase of Desks for Kasengejje Primary School

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The School aims to impart school education to the children who reside in a very rural area & have no access to education.Our children are from orphanages or poor families. We've taken the responsibility of educating them as per our capabilities

C. Kyazike von C. KyazikeNachricht schreiben

Kasengejje Primary School started in 1962. School aims to impart school education to the children who reside in a very rural area and have no access to education. Usually, our children are from orphanages or poor families. We have taken the responsibility of educating them as per our capabilities. Our School has achieved measurable success during the last few years in providing basic education to nearly 573 children of whom 282 are Girls while 291 are Boys and they have always been promoted to the next classes after they clear annual exams in flying colors. The school has many challenges at the present like lack of a nearby easily accessible water source, lack of enough infrastructures in form of class rooms, Poor sanitation due to lack of enough toilets, lack of enough furniture and scholastic materials, To enable us combat all the above challenges, expand the program, help more needy children and make a more conducive environment for studying, the school management committee has proposed a series projects, like construction of a five stance VIP latrine, construction of a class book, Purchase of scholastic material and desk, e.t.c but enough money. To enable us carry forward our ambitious projects, we request you to help us financially. Any monetary donations are welcome and we will be highly obliged to you for your support.

There are no desks or chairs in the classrooms of Kasengejje primary School, and the children from P.1-P.7 totaling to 573 sit on the floor to attend their lessons. Children have expressed their dissatisfaction about this situation through dodging lessons, moving in and out of classes frequently during lessons, standing up in class more frequently and complaining of aching legs and waist. More to that, pupil’s place their books on the floor resulting into wearing out quickly and as such students cannot keep their notes. Given the social, economic background of the region, the school nor parents cannot afford to purchase desks for the children which inevitably which sacrifice the school's mission already stated.
The project aims at giving a conducive teaching/learning environment.

To purchase one hundred desks for the children. (A desk is a bench attached to a table).Each desk is shared between two pupils.

The project will benefit directly the currently 573 children enrolled in the school.
It will also benefit other children who will be recruited in school for many years to come.
Parents/benefactors of the children will benefit by having their children studying in good conditions and therefore return home challenged and inspired to improve their families' living standards through education and hard work.
The community around will also benefit by having increased security through the hydro-electricity which will illuminate the area.