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Education Project for the children of Pygmy peuple in Mwenga territory

Ein Projekt von WWID/HFL
in Kamituga, Demokratische Republik Kongo

This project will contribute to construct a primary school of 6 classes, principal office and toilet in each village

Mukamba Watongoka
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Über das Projekt

This project will contribute to the education of the children of the indigenous Pygmy and Bantu peoples in the two pygmy villages with 600 families (more or less 2400 people) as beneficiaries through school activities in the two departments. Project action, in kibe and Kakolokelwa at Mwenga Territory. After several years of ethnic and tribal conflicts in Dr Congo between armed groups, cases of destruction and killings have been recorded in Kibe and Kakolokelwa thus putting the indigenous community in a situation of uncertainty, both in terms of security and in terms of security. Education of children, thus constituting a danger for the future of these children.  Wwid/hfl will provide activities aimed at facilitating the education of children from indigenous and Bantu peoples through school activities in the two villages.  

This project is supported by the Maecenata Foundation, Munich/Berlin: