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30 Students need a second chance to finish Almaawiya Primary School

Ein Projekt von Almaawiya e.V.
in Lamu, Kenia

30 students from Almaawiya Primary School in Kenya need a second chance to finish school. 1.5 years of lockdown have left our children behind in school. The second chance to repeat the year can decide the course of their lives.

Susanne Preiss
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Über das Projekt

Every child must have a second chance to finish school.

The results of our graduating class of Almaawiya Primary School (project for the poorest children in a terror threatened region of Kenya, near the border to Somalia) are devastating. Corona has cut off our students who were on such a good path. The lockdown hit them even harder than school children in Germany, because the living conditions simply meant that they no longer had access to lessons, regular food or medical care.
Our class 8 student need a second chance. Help us to enable them to repeat this year. Only if the children graduate with a good grade, they have the chance to get a place at a good secondary school or to get one of the coveted scholarships. And that is why the result of the 8th grade decides on their further path in life. We have decided to give all our 8th graders this second chance. For this we need a little bit of financial support.
100% of your donation goes to the project. 0% to Admininstration.
The cost per child per day is about 1 Euro. This includes great teachers, educational materials, 2 healthy meals per day, a school uniform, extracurricular activities like sports classes, the work of our social workers, medical care and so much more. We have included the vacations because we also provide meals and activities during the vacations.
Calculation: €30 per day x 365 days = €10,950