Beendet Harvesting Rain Water

Ein Hilfsprojekt von „Young Life Africa Children Home“ (T. Kamande) in Ruiru, Murera, Kenya, Kenia

T. Kamande (verantwortlich)

T. Kamande
One of our goal as young life Africa Children home is to reduce expense as much as we can. We have worked towards being a self sustaining children program with little dependence on donor and well-wishers. One of the areas we have targeted is to invest in green energy and other means that will reduce expense. We to harvest and store Rain water for use instead of letting it go to waste.

We receive a lot of rain throughout the year. Much of the rain water goes to waste because we do not have a mechanism in place that will help us harvest the rain water. We want to harvest the rain water for home use which will help us reduce the expense of paying the water bill. We need water gutters and one tank. We have estimated that we need 130 gutters and one extra tank to be able to achieve this goal. We intend to use this water for drinking and other domestic use.Each Water gutter goes for $3.75.

The total budget for the whole project including one water tank and labour will be $938.

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Ort: Ruiru, Murera, Kenya, Kenia

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