Beendet Kasengejje Primary School VIP Latrine Project

Ein Hilfsprojekt von „kasengejje Primary School“ (C. Kyazike) in Wakiso, Uganda

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C. Kyazike (verantwortlich)

C. Kyazike
Construction of a five (5) stance V.I.P pit latrine at Kasengejje primary school

The project will be owned by Kasengejje primary school and managed by the school management committee (S.M.C) of 12 members of which the head teacher of the school Ms Kyazike Aida Christine is the secretary who will take the sole responsibility of the project. She will pray the role of ensuring that all reports are made and send to the donors
Kasengejje Primary School started in 1962 by Church of Uganda,
Kasengejje primary school is enrolled with 573 children of whom 282 are Girls while 291 are Boys. They are all attending their primary education i.e. P.1 to P.7 with a nursery attached with two teachers, The school has 11 teachers and 3 supportive staff; it’s managed by the school management committee,(S.M.C) and the Parents’ teachers association (P.T.A)
Apparently the school has only one toilet with 3 stances which is used by all the pupils, 291 boys and 282 girls,
Currently the school has only one latrine with 2 stances which is in poor conditions, this is shares by all the population at school :573 pupils, the 11 teachers, 3 supporting staff and up to 150 parents who visit the school twice a term for meetings, this population is too big for only two stance latrines

Due to the fact that the latrines are used by both girls and boy plus teacher, there is no longer any sense of privacy especially for the case of teachers and girls, hence the need for more latrines

There is a lot of pressure exerted to the latrine by the huge population at the school(up to 746 people) and the population is expected to increase, hence the pupils are force to use alternative means(if they find all the latrines occupied) like the already filled up latrines and the bush, this has increase the rate of diseases’ transmissions like Ebola, diarrhoea, e.t.c hence lowering the sanitation levels at school and the nearby committee, so the construction of more latrines in inevitable
To construct a five stance VIP pit latrine at Kasengejje primary school
The project will benefit directly the all the 573 pupils in the school, 11 teachers, 12 members of the management committees and about 150 parents.( a total of about 746 people)
It will also benefit other children who will be admitted in school for many years to come.
Parents/benefactors of the children will benefit by having their pupils studying in a good sanitation environment and therefore return home challenged and inspired to improve their families' living standards through education and hard work.
The community around will also benefit by due to the fact that the level of diseases transmission in the area will reduce hence increasing the health of the nearby community

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Ort: Wakiso, Uganda

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