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This project is to take the homeless Nigerian girls off the street, help them to discover their potentials; empower them with vocational training to stay off the the street and safe them from premature marriage

Busayo O. von Women Inspiration Development CenterNachricht schreiben

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”. – Eleanor Roosevelt
For many years now, I have had a dream of helping the women of my country get out of oppression and live lives of fulfillment by starting the Women’s Inspiration Development Center. My dream is to see women and girls become strong leaders; set and reach high-achievable goals; believe in themselves; overcome obstacles; and radiate joy and confidence as they create new possibilities for themselves. Though along the way there have been many hardships and many times when I could have given up as I moved toward this dream, I kept going with the encouragement of my friends and mentors. And I’m proud to say that today, the Women’s Inspiration Development Center is finally a reality, and my dream is coming true! Now, I need your support to continue to keep the center going.
The Women’s Inspiration Development Center is a certified and legal non-governmental organization whose mission is to provide a safe place for Nigerian women to discover their potentials; have access to the internet; and equip themselves economically; and free themselves from psychological problems, domestic, sexual, and all forms of violence without any fear of intimidation.
This year, the Women’s Inspiration Development Center has the following goals:
-To lead 12 empowerment workshops resulting in the training of approximately 250 new women, helping them expand their capacity to create positive behavioral change and improve their lives and well being;
-To train 20 widows, 25 school drop-outs and 25 homeless girls in making Adire and Aso-Oke (local fabrics) and establish them in making a living with this new skill, providing them with economic freedom.
-To train 60 women and girls in how to use the internet so they can enhance their educational experience and literacy.
But I can’t do this alone. This is how you can help;
•Donate $25 to help provide one woman with a one-day course in internet training.
•Donate $50 and provide one woman with a life changing Empowerment Workshop that’s part of the internationally renowned IMAGINE program ( )
•Donate $100 and provide one widow with the training and support she needs to begin an independent business to support her and her children.
•Donate $150 and provide 2 girls with training in making Adireand Aso-Oke (local fabrics) so that they can earn their own income; get off the street; and stay off the street.
Or choose any amount that feels right for you. I know there are so many causes to donate to, and so on behalf of all the women you’ll be helping, please accept my deepest gratitude for your support of this cause. Thank you!