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United against Corona #SaveTunisia

Ein Projekt von MitOst
in Tunis, Tunesien

The Covid-19 pandemic is spreading very fast in Tunisia, the country is facing a catastrophe, since its health system completely collapsed and basics are missing. We want to support by buying medicine, food and logistical support in organising help.

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The Covid-19 pandemic and its mutations are currently spreading very fast in Tunisia, although hard measurements have been taken the country is facing a catastrophe. 

Tunisia's health system has completely collapsed. These days more than 10,000 cases and around 200 deaths are recorded every day, in a country that does not even have 12 million inhabitants. Hospitals have seen a significant influx of patients, available beds and oxygen supply are badly missing. Bodies of Covid victims have been left lying in rooms next to other patients for up to 24 hours, because not enough staff could be organised for their transfer.

What makes things worse is that only four percent of the population have received the full two doses of vaccine, since not enough is available.

Missing are:
  • Oxygen machines
  • Medicines in hospitals, especially in areas outside the capital such as Fahs, Kairouan, Sfax, Mahres and Zarzis
  • Minimum food needs inside hospitals (water, food, yogurt)
  • Masks & sanitizing for doctors & patients
The government is not able to handle all needs around the country and most affected areas are poor neighborhoods. 

This is where our support starts:

We are a group of civil society organizations based in over 10 Tunisian regions creating “support group” composed by volunteers from different backgrounds. What we do is: 

  1. Support poor families in renting mobile oxygen machines through renting services, pay fees and make sure technical support in installing machines is delivered.
  2. Provide medicine for families affected who cannot afford to buy them. Creating and distribution of medical kits.
  3. Provide minimum logistical assistance (such as buying food, water, yoghurt, vitamins) for families who are home locked /who are in hospital.
  4. Create a phone assistance service with doctor volunteers to assist with information & updates about their neighborhood's support.
  5. Create a psychological support with volunteers to support families in need.

We provide all human resource and training for volunteers on the ground on coordination, crisis management and how to react in emergency situations.
With your support we can join efforts to get out of this critical period the country is facing. 
All money fundraised will go to MitOst e.V. in Berlin, as international fundraising in Tunisia is not possible. In a second step it will be transferred to iiDebate association in Tunisia. One person is  dedicated to disburse the money through medication kits, or renting, or food resources needed through suppliers all around the country. Partnerships with other local NGOs and community groups are planned.

We believe that all efforts should be united to face the pandemic and reduce the numbers of death and affected citizens. 
Join us on this journey!