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Finanziert Support Center in Arequipa's Slums (Peru)

Ein Projekt von Intiwawa e.V.
in San Isidro, Peru

Help us finance equipment and furniture for the "Casa Intiwawa" a support Center in the Peruvian Slums

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Über das Projekt

Intiwawa e.V. ( is just about to build the first community house in San Isidro a poor outskirt area of the peruvian city Aequipa. The house is nearly finished but we now need to assemble it with the necessary furniture, materials and equipment such as a kitchen, fridge, oven, tables etc. Without these we can`t continue our projects, open up the house as a shelter and safe place for the women and kids nor can we realize new projects. It is the first and only safe place for education, culture, exchange and shelter in this area. To finalize this project "Casa Intiwawa" and to make it a better place for the kids we ask for your help. Even a little amount is a small step for you, one giant leap for the kids of Peru.

Our 100% rule:
Our sponsoring system allows us to conduct 100% of your donations directly to the project itself without any administration fees.

If you have any questions or want to get more information please go on or send an email to