Breastfeeding Pillows/ Honduras

Ein Hilfsprojekt von „Geburtshilfe Honduras e.V. /Dar a Luz Honduras“ (Silvia B.) in La Ceiba, Honduras

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Silvia B. (verantwortlich)

Silvia B.
Dar a Luz takes a holistic approach to improving maternal healthcare throughout Honduras, in both rural and urban areas. Activities include supporting women laboring in public hospitals, offering education to medical students and medical staff in hospitals and universities, giving childbirth and general education to women in hogares maternos, womens groups, health care centers and regional hospitals, and collaborating with traditional midwives in rural areas.

Dar a Luz provides provides comprehensive women's education and outreach at the Hogares Maternos (Maternity Waiting Homes). Hogares Maternos exist for women who live a great distance from the nearest hospital or where public transportation is unreliable. Women come here one to three weeks before their due date to wait until labor begins.

One of the projects that we are working on at the Hogares Maternos is to hand sew breastfeeding pillows with the pregnant women. We hope to encourage breastfeeding (rates of which are very low in Honduras, at around 30%), give women vocational skills and provide a space for women to come together over a fun, educational project. We are currently calling for donations to purchase fabric, filling, needles and thread.

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Ort: La Ceiba, Honduras

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