Finanziert Help disadvantaged young people gain employment

Ein Hilfsprojekt von „Umoja“ (C. Goody) in ARUSHA, Tansania

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C. Goody (verantwortlich)

C. Goody
The Umoja Centre provides free education to young disadvantaged Tanzanians aged between 14 and 26. These are people who slip through the cracks of the formal education system and are unable to enter or complete secondary school. They spend one year at Umoja where they learn English, IT and Key Skills (which incorporates health, African history, African literature, civics and environment). After one year with us, they enter our outplacement programme, where we help them enter (or re-enter) secondary school, attend a vocational college, or gain employment.

Umoja opened in April 2009, and it is still a young charity. At the moment, 40 students from the Class of 2009 are in the outplacement programme, and we have 40 students in the Centre.

We are looking to raise funds for 20 secondhand computers to enable the students to continue to learn IT. We have 20 computers at the moment, but they are on their last legs and don't have more than a few months life left in them!

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Ort: ARUSHA, Tansania

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