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Stephanie D.
Stephanie D. schrieb am 29.10.2012

We want to give young girls a place where they can develop social skills and compete with each other in a setting that is created based on their needs. We decided to use football in a special girls’ league (street football) to reach out to the girls because it is something in which they can easily get involved. It is especially effective for girls who have problems in a competitive environment or communicating with boys of the same age. The aim is to establish an initial relationship with girls in the targeted communites and give them access to our other projects so that we can help them further. Girls often orientate themselves at the boys their age. In comparison to boys of that age it is far more difficult to get into contact with the girls, who tend to spend more time at home.. Even those girls who attendyouth centers or participate in our sport pedagogy programmes often don't feel comfortable in these male dominated settings. The Girls Soccer League will give girls the opportunity to interact with others outside the family environment in a sheltered setting. This should give them more confidence and allow them to make as gradual transition to integration within the wider community.

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