Beendet Agawo Dispensary

Ein Hilfsprojekt von N. Oyugi in Kisumu, Kiribati

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N. Oyugi (verantwortlich)

N. Oyugi
Agawo Dispensary was a community initiative health facility officially registered with the Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation.

It came to exist through community initiative development programmes.
There was need for health facility within the local poor population.

There are four people working on this project.
Two government employees and two support staffs.
This project will benefit men, women, youths and children of the sorrounding community by receiving better health for all which is affordable, available and accesable within the reach of any community member.

Our biggest challenges are that other health facilities are far from the region and the transportation becomes very dificult for attend other health facilities.

Donations will improve the services and maintenance of the whole centre.

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Ort: Kisumu, Kiribati

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