Sponsor 3 homeless Haitian siblings

Ein Hilfsprojekt von „Project Isobel in the Dominican Republic“ (P. Wren) in Sosua, Dominikanische Republik

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P. Wren (verantwortlich)

P. Wren
Project Isobel has been running for 6 years with the aims of providing poor and homeless children of Haitian and Dominican origins an experiential, holistic education in a safe environment to prepare them to be creative, productive, well-adjusted adults by providing for their basic needs and education and also developing this through an involvement and relationship with animals, especially horses. See our organization details.
Currently there are three homeless Haitian children between 5 and 9 we want to take in but don't have the funds to do so. Their father died and their mother disappeared leaving them without provision. We need 500 euros a month/ 6000 euros a year to take care of them.

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Ort: Sosua, Dominikanische Republik

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